Christine Lee & Co Education

Christine Lee & Co (Education) is passionate about providing honest advice and reports on the education sector, providing a truly custom-tailored service for each individual client throughout their educational life cycle.


Christine Lee & Co (Education) is a professional education consulting agency established in the United Kingdom. We are registered with AEGIS UK and our British Council certified consultants will provide you with professional assistance. Christine Lee & Co. (Education) Ltd. is committed to assisting students in all age groups who wish to study in the UK's top independent schools and universities. We provide a series of high quality services that ensure children have a safe and pleasant stay in a new environment that allows them to grow and flourish.  

We sincerely offer you:

  • Personalised advice and tailored plans for entrance into independent schools
  • Guardianship and homestay arrangements in the UK
  • Summer Camps and Family Study tours
  • Accommodation services
  • Private one-to-one tutoring lessons
  • Travel arrangements including airport pick-up/drop-off services and other necessary travel arrangements after arrival in the UK

At Christine Lee & Co (Education) we understand that seeking an education overseas, be it for a degree or a short-term course, is an important decision for both students and parents. Our staff have first-hand experience with these situations and can appreciate that this can be an exciting yet stressful time for families. We understand the importance of providing detailed and comprehensive information to parents at all times and are committed to doing so throughout their children's stay in the UK.

Christine Lee & Co (Education) aims to smoothly facilitate the transition of studying aboard for their students and hope to make their stay in the UK a pleasant one.