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Independent School Show 2015

The Independent School Show 2015 took place at Battersea Park in London, during which many talks and seminars were given by esteemed educators and professionals within the UK education sector. Below are a selection of some of the talks given during the show. These articles are summaries of the content of each talk and hold the views and opinions of the speaker.

Ben Thomas - A Rough Guide to Senior School Entrance Exams

Ben Thomas – Headmaster of Thomas’ School, Battersea

To watch this talk in full please follow this link.

The independent school entrance examination process can seem particularly confusing and daunting. The independent school sector is “independent” by its very nature and, because of the fact, that there is no centralised system for the process.

Lucy Elphinstone - Helping Girls to Take Risks and Get Things Wrong

Helping girls to take risks and get things wrong – school attitudes to risks, problem solving, enterprise and leadership

Lucy Elphinstone - Headmistress at Francis Holland School, Sloane Square

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Toby Young and Jim Hawkins - School of the Future

Will Free Schools, or Independent Schools, be the great Public Schools of the Future?

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Toby Young (Educator – West London Free School)

Mark Bailey - Educating beyond league tables

Educating beyond league tables - Mark Bailey

St. Paul’s School, London

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Student Case Study - Mikki Choi

Mikki Choi, who is originally from Hong Kong, visited her relatives in the UK along with her parents during the summer. Together they explored some of the globally renowned higher education institutions in the country.

Student Case Study - Mark Wang

School: King Edward’s School
Type of school: Co-ed boarding school
Location: Surrey
Year: 9

Oxbridge Admissions

Judge a tree by its fruit, a man by the company he keeps, and a school by the universities it sends its pupils to? Well, you would miss out on the oak, the saint and many wonderful schools for ordinary children, but the level of Oxbridge acceptances is still a pretty good measure of at least some of a school’s qualities. You can find full details of each school’s Oxbridge successes (and indeed of the other universities that they send pupils to) on our website.