A Guardian's Duty

British day and boarding schools will not admit an overseas pupil under the age of 18 unless he or she has a local guardian. It may seem like an unnecessary annoyance, especially for older children, but the safety and security of your child is of paramount importance and, as such, having a guardian that your child can rely on will give the child, the school and also you, as a parent, peace of mind. 

Guardians perform several roles. They provide a place for your child to stay during the numerous school holidays throughout the academic year. Many schools also have compulsory exeats and half-term breaks when it may be necessary to vacate school accommodation and so your child will need someplace else to stay temporarily. Guardians may also need to serve as your representatives, making some decisions for your child, signing forms, attending parents’ evenings and being available in an emergency - for instance, if your child falls ill or has been excluded from school for any particular reason.

Guardians may also need to assist with transport to and from school or from airports etc. In addition, guardians are sometimes required to act as a sort of bank, providing pocket money or funds for school trips. In general, the younger the pupil, the more comprehensive the service will need to be. Guardian services in the UK vary in the type of services they offer and are priced accordingly.

A guardian’s knowledge and understanding of the UK education system can also be invaluable in helping to guide students with their academic progress. Guardians are responsible and capable professionals that are able to act on behalf of parents that are not in the country in unexpected situations or emergencies. Good care of their children is the main reason why thousands of parents of overseas students apply for guardian services.