Guardianship Services

Christine Lee & Co (Education) Guardian Service (Please read the Guardianship Agreement for full details). Roles of the guardian include:

  • Acting as a legal guardian and assisting students before departure.
  • Arranging communication and accommodation prior to arrival.
  • Providing landing service – arranging airport pick-up, contacting parents upon student arrival and helping students settle before moving into student accommodation.
  • Arranging for a family doctor, life insurance, medical insurance, police registration, and dentist registration. Arranging appointments for regular medical and dental check-ups.
  • Arranging accommodation for the student to stay at during exeat, half term, Christmas, Easter and summer vacations.
  • Arranging student’s travel – flight bookings, luggage storage and transportation to and from the school.
  • Making the best decision for the student in case of a medical emergency, with parental consent.
  • Assisting and helping students with school work.
  • Providing parents with regular reports of the student’s academic progress and school life.
  • Providing advice on school transfer and further studies.
  • Arranging school visits by dedicated staff.
  • Ensuring parents can always reach their children.
  • Participating in parents’ evenings, sports days, concerts and other activities on behalf of parents. 

  • Arranging and handling school letters and forms on behalf of parents.
  • Arranging and assisting with student finance - daily expenses, school uniform and other equipment, school fee etc.