Summer Camps


We provide various selections of summer and winter camps to enrich our students’ experience of traditional British culture, to improve their English and to establish their own life targets.

At Christine Lee & Co (Education) we offer a range of summer courses and camps throughout England, Scotland and Wales. These courses aim to help children learn authentic British English as well as British culture and its traditions. Taking part in these courses can help widen a student's cultural perspective with the aim of inspiring them to fully integrate within a global community of the future.

We understand that due to the large range of courses and camps on offer, it is easy to become anxious and confused. Christine Lee & Co (Education) aims to give you the best advice in order to accommodate your needs and expectations.

Arsenal Summer Camp

Arsenal Football Club, a club with a rich history of outstanding footballers, have an Arsenal Football camp that provides both English lessons and football training certified by the Premier League.

Children can learn about the technical aspects of football including learning useful tactics and qualities needed to become a great football player. Training is provided by experienced UEFA (Union of European Football Association) coaches and children are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

Parent and Child Camp

This unique programme gives parents and children a chance to experience life in a UK boarding school, improve their English and have a fun holiday. The programme offers a wide variety of courses and activities for children and parents to participate in both together and separately.