University of York

York Summer Schools and Short Courses 

University of York offers a range of high quality Summer School Programmes and Short Courses that can provide a rich and engaging experience for international students.The courses are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for an increasingly globalised workplace.

Summer Schools

Summer Schools are typically two-week courses themed around an academic discipline and allows students to continue their studies within a diverse range of subjects including Arts and Humanities, as well as Computer Science and Social Policy. Courses include in-depth seminars and practical participation by students as well as visits to related places of interest for further study.

Short Courses

Short Courses are one-sixteen week courses which are more geared towards aiding students with their professional development, helping to enhance their English language skills and acquire transferable skills which will make them more employable. Students can also learn management and business skills as well as developing more intercultural awareness which can help them in the business world.


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